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Providing digital software solutions and integrations designed to ensure uninterrupted business critical operations in challenging environments for our customers since 2004.

Our story


Doc-works Limited was born on a chilly February morning in 2004. Its founder, Barry Clark had a vision: to bring innovative IT solutions to the newly emerging digital landscape.

From the humble office in the quaint market town of Tring, Hertfordshire where the small team struggled to fit in a few desks, the disruptive products and diligent customer services which are the hallmark of Doc-works found their way into the marketplace.

Growth and Challenges

Doc-works expanded its horizons as the client list grew through glowing word-of-mouth recommendations.

From each new opportunity came improvements to the product set and a growing understanding of the broader requirements of the market.

The team grew too, requiring a few office moves along the way. With the work-from-home evolution Doc-works benefited from dropping its geographical restrictions and acquiring talent from across the UK.

Present Day

Today, Doc-works is a thriving business, with diversified products and an enviable set of avenues to explore for the next phase of growth, but Doc-works still builds software and delivers services which set them apart.

The goal for the future: to deliver to more customers without compromising the level of excellence of either the products or services.


WebCabinets enters commercial & NHS Electronic Document Management market


Doc-works release Clinical Audit and Compliance Audit (Audit Online)


Doc-works launch Scribe Referrals


Doc-works launch Scribe Ledgers


Doc-works launch Scribe ePCR


Doc-works launch Scribe Forms


Doc-works launch Evidence Based Audits


Doc-works launch Resilience ePR Solution

Our approach

Our ethos at Doc-works is to always put the customer first and we pride ourselves on providing a customer service second to none. Since being established in 2004 the business has grown considerably with our success built on our people, our technology, and the strength of our relationships with our customers and partners.

With solutions for streamlining data across multiple platforms and transitioning from paper-based to digital systems we have been helping customers from NHS Trusts, local authorities, medical event providers and blue-chip companies to securely store, access and manage their data for over 20 years.

Doc-works occupies a unique space in the healthcare sector where we are helping organisations transition to digital ways of working but with an understanding that most organisations will already be deep into a commitment to other systems and in need of integrations rather than looking to start their operations from scratch. We are specialists in integrating with existing systems and have built a framework that accommodates this model without prohibitive costs and timescales.

Our licensing model reflects this ethos by operating an organisation-wide coverage. This means that cost considerations never impact operations and patient safety in terms of sharing the system within the organisation and with partners such as hospitals.

What makes us different?

We believe in always going the extra mile. If you need help to achieve compliance, improve control and reduce costs we will work with you to develop a solution which not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We have partnered with organisations of all sizes to optimise their healthcare data management and enhance operational efficiency with tailored software solutions which streamline information transfer and minimise the need for manual intervention.

In many cases our customers need a pilot system or proof of concept to clarify their requirements which we are very happy to provide, and we always work with them to ensure that the systems we provide are fit for purpose.

Our products are also designed to meet industry specific regulatory requirements, and business objectives no matter the size of the challenge or problem.

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Meet the Team

We take pride in our talented people whose hard work and dedication drives our success

Our leadership team

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Ceri Jones

Chief Executive Officer

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Barry Clark

Non-Executive Chair

Santria Jones CFO

Santria Jones

Chief Financial Officer

John Mckennon Operations Director doc-works

Jon McKennon

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Hughes, Chief Technology Officer, Doc-works

Mike Hughes

Chief Technology Officer

Brendan fraser Smith Director of Commercial Products and Services Doc-works

Brendan Fraser-Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Dave Sherwood, Director of Clinical Safety and Quality Doc-works

Dave Sherwood

Director of Clinical Safety and Quality

Marcin Siepak, Lead Developer Doc-works

Marcin Siepak

Lead Developer