Scribe Referral Management

Safeguarding patient care with smarter referrals

Identify patients at risk and refer them automatically with Scribe Referral Management, a powerful cloud-based software tool built on over 10 years experience of helping NHS Trusts and Private Providers improve patient outcomes.

Scribe Referral Management

Our easy to use platform streamlines the referral process, fill in one form and use the data to make multiple referrals in just a few clicks giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Improve the access, efficiency and legibility of referrals including Safeguarding, Fire Risk, PREVENT, Dementia Concern or any clinical referral allowing you to deliver safer care, save on administration and reflect updated legislation.

Powerful features include

Ability to audit the quality of referrals made.

Receive feedback from the referral destination for quality improvement and pass feedback on to the referrer of any potential outcomes.

Where it can be achieved a direct data transfer into the destination system can be facilitated with the cooperation of the third party supplier.

The destination of the referral can be assigned by using the Directory of Service to identify the appropriate and available service to best meet the patient’s needs.

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Referrals from the Scribe App

The Scribe Referral Management App can be used on both IOS and Android devices and ​the form can be configured to exactly match the requirements of your​ organisation.​

The App can be installed on existing hardware, often sharing the devices​ already in use for the ePCR or other standard issue tablets or smaller​ smart devices, such as phones.​

Referral portal from the Scribe app
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Referrals from MyReferrals

Referrals from MyReferrals

Where staff do not have access to smart-devices but do have access to​
a browser, Doc-works can provide a web-based platform so that the same ​
referrals forms can be filled in using the browser.

This enables 999/111​ and other call center or office based staff to complete referrals.​
Access to the various referral forms is controlled through role-based​ access and different users can be set up to have access to different forms as appropriate​.

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Referrals from any ePCR system

Doc-works can gather referrals from other systems, either as data ​or by ingesting and extracting the data from a PDF.​

Where your Trust has an ePCR which produces a referral but there is​ no simple means to get those referrals to the correct destinations, then Scribe Referral Management can be used to provide the outbound aspect​
of the process.​

Where your ePCR can be configured to track that a referral is indicated​, but the Doc-works App is deemed the best approach to gathering the​ referral itself, then the ePCR can pass the demographic data to Doc-works​ so that the accuracy of the data can be assured and the time taken to ​ complete the referral can be reduced.​

Referrals from any epcr system
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Reporting and Dashboards

referrals dashboard

Referrals can be grouped by their time-based delivery targets and a ​dashboard giving clear indications a referrals need attention.​
By clicking on the lozenge the Admin screen opens showing the referrals​ which are indicated.​

Similarly, the reports section can be made available to provide​ key information either on screen or as an extract to your BI systems.​

There are also automated alert emails and confirmation emails for ​completed referrals.​

What our customers say about Scribe Referral Management

Since 2017 Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust have worked in collaboration with Doc-works to develop and implement a fully digitalised safeguarding reporting system across the whole of Wales. The system enables our staff to make safeguarding referrals directly from their Ipad's and PC's to the appropriate Local Authority or partner agency in real time.

Since the implementation in 2019 Doc-works have continued to support us in creating a suite of referral pathways for service users with specific needs including Fire and Rescue Services, Live Fear Free (domestic abuse) and Dementia.

Doc-works are a great company to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble, they are professional, responsive, and quickly become part of your team.

Nikki Harvey, Head of Safeguarding, Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Bringing together referrals from any system and managing their delivery

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