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Scribe Vaccination Management

Do you find managing your staff immunisation campaigns complex and time consuming?

Scribe Vaccination Management

Scribe Vaccination Management is your solution to simplifying vaccine administration and management.

With our cloud-based tool, you can easily launch, manage and track flu and other immunisation programmes, ensuring a smoother process for your staff, clinics, and HR teams.

Our solution isn't just about convenience; it's about tangible outcomes.

By making the immunisation process easy and user-friendly for everyone involved, we can help you to achieve a higher uptake rate, ultimately reducing staff sickness and increasing patient safety and overall well-being.

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Doc-works Vaccinations ManagementBenefits

Collaborate effortlessly with HR by sharing crucial data for clinic planning.

Training for vaccinators is available both within the system and through a train-the-trainer programme.

Improve vaccine inventory management with greater accuracy in ordering and tracking.

Safeguard privacy while ensuring comprehensive and accurate data collection for reporting purposes.

A specifically designed form allows you to collect the necessary data for demonstrating PGD compliance.

An intuitive dashboard gives access to real time data which can be used to inform and improve subsequent campaigns.

Data can be exported in the NIVS data format when available.

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