Digitial Workflow Platform

Scribe Ledgers

Transparent, Faster, Cost-effective

A highly configurable, automated invoice processing platform which can be tailored to suit specific requirements, workflows and business rules.

Scribe ledgers
Digital invoices benefits
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Doc-works Users Administrators

For Administrators

Accounting teams can save time on data entry with automatic reading and scanning and spend more time on approving and checking invoices. Integrate existing data sources into a single location to save the team inputting in multiple locations.

Doc-works Users Organisations

For organisations

Organisations can save data entry costs and select the right set of tools without needing to make wholesale changes to processes. Powerful reports can be generated to monitor productivity and identify problem contracts.

Doc-works Users Public Sector Bodies

For Public sector bodies

Suppliers get paid faster with faster invoice processing. Suppliers can monitor the progress of their invoices from initial order, delivery and payment.

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Octopus Energy Digital Invoice System for Complex Invoices

Octopus Energy implemented the Doc-works Scribe Ledgers Portal to automate the invoice processing of nearly 2,300 diverse supplier invoice templates. Now over 90% of invoices can be processed without the need for manual intervention leading to significant cost savings.

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