Patient Pathway Management

Scribe Clinical Audit Management

Improve compliance with joined up clinical auditing

Automatic and manual auditing against any clinical standards.

Scribe Clinical Audit Management
Clinical audits benefits
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For clinicians

Automatically audit each clinical record against pre-set clinical standards to improve compliance and performance over time.

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For organisations

Evidence improved care through reporting and benchmarking. Audit records across all sources from scanned records to any ePCR system.

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For patients

Improve patient safety through the measuring of care bundles and best practice.

Other Patient Pathway Management products

Scribe Complex Patient Management

Scribe Complex Patient Management

Prevent mistakes and improve joined up care with this single source of information patient portal



Improve safety by quickly notifying GPs, Safeguarding and Social Teams about patients

Scribe Electronic Patient Care Record Management (ePCR)

Scribe Electronic Patient Care Record Management (ePCR)

Comprehensive ePCR digital platform. Create custom forms and integrate seamlessly with your existing clinical systems

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